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Algebraic Fractions (Mathematics Glossary)

What Is an Algebraic Fraction?

An algebraic fraction is a fraction which contains letters.

a over b

The Parts of an Algebraic Fraction

An algebraic fraction consists of a numerator and a denominator.

a is the numerator, b is the denominator

Examples of Algebraic Fractions

Algebraic fractions do not just contain single letters.

  • Algebraic fractions can include numbers.

    a over 2
  • Algebraic fractions can include terms.

    2 a over b
  • Algebraic fractions can include expressions.

    a plus b over c

Arithmetic With Algebraic Fractions

Algebraic fractions can be added, subtracted, multiplied and divided.

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How to Simplify Algebraic Fractions

An algebraic equation is simplified when the greatest common factor of every term is divided out of both numerator and denominator.

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More About Algebraic Fractions

The slider below shows more about algebraic fractions.

Interactive Test

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What's in a Name?

"Algebraic" means relating to algebra. It is pronounced 'al-je-bray-ic'.

"Fraction" comes from the Latin "fractus", meaning "broken". This is because the whole is 'broken' into parts.

A Fraction Is a Division

A fraction is a division. The numerator is divided by the denominator.

a over b equals a divided by b