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Scalene Triangles (Mathematics Glossary)

What Is a Scalene Triangle?

A scalene triangle is a triangle where none of the sides or angles are equal.

Dictionary Definition

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a scalene triangle as "having the three sides of unequal length."

Real Examples of Scalene Triangles

Below are real examples of scalene triangles.

In each case
  • No sides are the same length
  • No angles are the same (60°)
Geometry Lessons
Interactive Test

Here's a second test on scalene triangles.
Here's a third test on scalene triangles.

What's in a Name?

'Scalene' comes from the Greek word 'skalenos', meaning 'unequal'.

Interior Angles of a Scalene Triangle

The interior angles of any triangle add up to 180°.

In a scalene triangle, the angles are all different.

Symmetry of a Scalene Triangle

A scalene triangle has no lines of symmetry.

Other Types of Triangle

Scalene triangles are one type of triangle.

There are also: