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How to Multiply Expressions in Algebra (Mathematics Lesson)

How to Multiply Expressions Algebra

In algebra, expressions can be multiplied.

A Real Example of How to Multiply Terms in Algebra

Question: Multiply the two expressions below.

Step 1: Put brackets around each expression and write them next to each other.

The expressions have been multiplied, and the answer can be kept like this.

The following optional Steps are included.

Step 2: Expand the brackets.
Use the FOIL method to expand the brackets.

Step 3: Collect like terms.

The result of multiplying the two expressions is x2 + 3x + 2.

Another Real Example of How to Multiply Expressions in Algebra

The slider below shows a real example of how to multiply expressions in algebra.

It also gives an example of how to tidy up expressions that have been multiplied.
Interactive Test

To multiply expressions, this can be shown by putting each expression in a bracket and writing them next to each other.

This product of two brackets may be the simplest way to write the answer.

The brackets can then be expanded. Whether to do this or not depends on context.

Imagine having multiplied the expressions above, we then subtract another term:

Then it is worth expanding the brackets...

Collecting like terms...

And perhaps factoring...

The moral is that multiplying expressions is yet another tool in the algebra toolbox. How you use it, and what other tools you use, depends on what job you are trying to do.